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For a long time the title of this page was misspelled as "Deutsche Kurs Übungen", and in fact a good amount of people found it in Google because of that, but I've decided to correct it. The file names still use the old spelling, though.


This is an exercise for practicing the grammatical gender of words. There are some rules, like that words ending in "-keit" or "-ung" have femenine gender, but for most words the only way to know is to memorize it. Updated 2009-12-30: there were several errors in the word list, because I wrote them down incorrectly in class some years ago. They are now corrected.

Part 1, part 2, part 3.


Practice the declesion of the definite and indefinite articles, and of the personal pronouns.

Artikel, Personalpronomen, Adjektive.


Verb conjugation.

Präsens, besondere Formen, Modalverben, Hilfsverben, Konjunktiv. Trennbare/untrennbare.

Unregelmäßige Verben: backen ... fahren, fallen ... hängen, heben ... nennen, passieren ... schreiben, schreien ... streiten, stürzen ... zwingen

Präpositional Ergänzung

Use of the prepositions.

Prepositional Ergänzung.


Text with blanks, to complete with words, suffixes, or prefixes.

"Moselromanische Sprache", "Deutsche in Namibia", "Texasdeutsch".

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