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This is a version of WMMail that includes the support for Sylpheed taken from the GKrellM plugin Mailwatch. The home page of WMMail used to be at ~chanb/, but it seems to have been removed.
This version was submitted to the Debian package maintainer, but it hasn't been accepted yet. If you use it, please tell him whether it worked for you or not, by using the email address in the package web page.

The licence for this program is the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).



It's made from the sources for wmmail 0.64-7. (Updated for 0.64-11)

The files I've added are:

The files I've modified are:

I haven't modified the Debian changelog, since that would be done by the package maintainer if he accepts this modification.

Messages in the Sylpheed mailing list

Another mention of WMMail:

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